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About Boyer Strategies

I provide eCommerce marketing solutions for businesses both small and large. My goal is to help you succeed in today’s digital world and get a step up from the competition. Whether you are in need of expert consulting or a complete marketing plan, I am here to help you through every step.

You will receive high-quality one on one expert advice that will make you comfortable with your marketing budget and business plan. Don’t settle for low quality results from “professionals” that promise amazing results for just a few dollars.

  • Reach out to new potential customers and build brand awareness
  • Increase your monthly business sales
  • Provide a positive user experience on every viewing platform
  • Take advantage of today’s digital marketing strategies and outrank your competition
  • Save money in the long run and have one person help you with all marketing
Brian Boyer
Brian BoyerOwner / Consultant

Born in Traverse City, MI and raised in Northern Michigan, Brian has always loved the beautiful local scenery and businesses. Since he was a kid, Brian has always had a sense of adventure and an entrepreneur mindset. From lemonade stands to computer repair to full service marketing companies, he has grown to love business and the clients he helps along the way.

Brian has over 10 years of digital marketing experience, has worked with over 200 clients, and previously managed a digital marketing agency. He is both Google AdWords and Analytics certified and has experience managing successful advertising campaigns. Brian has helped clients create marketing strategies using web design, SEO, social media, digital advertising, and everything in-between. His unique social media talents have taken viral videos all the way to Good Morning America.

Prior to Boyer Strategies, Brian was the co-founder of LeadPlan Marketing where he managed over 50 projects and had numerous satisfied clients throughout the country. He has also worked for companies such as Real Tour Vision as a real estate marketing expert and 9&10 News/Northern Michigan Digital as web developer and digital marketing expert.

I start every project with a free consultation meeting that includes information gathering so that the client knows what to expect and the plan of action.

Once our first consultation meeting is finished, a marketing plan and proposal will be created and presented to the client.

After our agreement, work will start and the fun begins!

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