Digital Advertising Services - Boyer Strategies, Michigan

A lot of business owners are under the impression that a website can be built and traffic and sales will just automatically flood in. Unfortunately, new websites (and sometimes well-established) do not receive the traffic we hope for. Relying on organic traffic (visitors from search engines) can be a long-term strategy that some business owners do not want to wait for. This is where paid advertising campaigns come into action.

Why Choose PPC Advertising for eCommerce?

Paid advertising offers an instant and direct solution to gaining qualified traffic to a website. I am well-versed in digital advertising via Google AdWords (PPC and Display), video advertising, social media advertising, and more. Each campaign is built upon a well-planned strategy using the proper customer criteria to ensure qualified traffic is received. As an advertising expert, I will sit down with you to discuss the goals and expectations of the campaigns, as well as the research needed to meet those goals.

All paid advertising services include conversion tracking, in-depth analytics reporting, and eCommerce campaign optimization (if applicable).